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6th June 2006, 03:23
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I got a pair of tinn finn 3 months ago 32"32" indigo prewashed. But i lose a lot of weight i was wondering if any1 knows how to shrink the jeans in all direction(waistt, legs etc)? Do i wash it in hot water?? wat do have to do.

6th June 2006, 04:31
hot water alot of it and then dry your jeans in hot air by the dryer not the sun.

6th June 2006, 09:25
and if that's not enough: cut them of, or let it be done by a tailor.

4th August 2006, 13:06
Hi Tech 86,

I got the same problem. I have a pair of thin finn cool grey, I bought them one size bigger than i usually do, because I wanted to wear them loose... but i really regret that now. Would like them a little tighter.
Have you washed them yet? And did they shrink? And what did it do to the colour?

4th August 2006, 15:52
I washed it with 60 degree water and dried it in the Sun it shrunk a little in the waist (the back was still very big tough) but. After a couple of wears it stretched back. The colour remained the same( cause i just dunk it in da water for 2min). Im P!@#ed off there goes my Au$319
should have bought a smaller size.
Do u have a dryer ? maybe you should try it and tell me the result.

4th August 2006, 16:44
Thanks fot your answer, too bad it didn't work out...
I don't want mine to shrink in the waist. (cause i'm a girl and i'm afraid it wil show a little l'ove handles' .. :oops: )
I wanted to add a picture but i don't know how to do that. Do you have to uploud to some site?

I don't have a dryer. Maybe i'm gonna try washing at 60 degrees.
Can imagine you are P!@#ed off.... Its a lot of money. Maybe you can sell t on ebay?

I'll let you know when I washed it

8th August 2006, 10:18
I washed them in 60 degrees with liquid detergend for black clothes. They shrunk quite a lot and it looked really sexy! But after wearing them a couple of days they stretched back :-(

I am now thinking of washing on 90 degrees but I am afraid of fading the colour too much. It already faded a little. What do you think about a dryer? does that affect the colour? Or will the shrinkage stay?


8th August 2006, 10:29
Or does anyone want to trade?

Thin Finns coolgrey size 30-32 for a 29-32 (or 29-30)

8th August 2006, 20:11
why not, as cyriel sugested, take a visit to a good tailor. keeping in mind the amount of money you spent on it, makes it worth a try i guess???

11th August 2006, 14:57
Yes I will considor it... But I'm still thinking it will ruin them... 'Cause I want it to shrink all over.
But thanks fot the tip. I really don't know what I was thinking when I bought them.. :-(

11th August 2006, 15:00
I really don't know what I was thinking when I bought them.. :-(
That's really a shame that your not happy with your Nudie, they should be a pleasure to wear!
Better luck with your next pair of Nudies!

11th August 2006, 15:05
I know, its a shame.... I actually do love them, they are just the wrong size...