View Full Version : Indigo dye stain from dry denims...........

20th May 2006, 18:54
They bleed and stain.... anyone have skin irritation issue with the dye? Are they poisonous as i had read somewhere before that they are made with a mixture of poison and stuff like that..........

Just got my dry ... so abit worry after i bought it bah....

20th May 2006, 19:00
no, I think it less healthy to wear jeans that aren't washed for 6-12 months! :lol: :wink: If you know what I mean

21st May 2006, 02:03
i was just reading up on indigo dye and the dying process. some of the chemicals used in the process may be bad for humans, but the oxidized indigo is not harmful at all

21st May 2006, 03:31
i see.. thanks alot for the explaination