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guan yu
10th April 2006, 03:53
well i've been thinking about getting some shorts. i know, blasphemy! nudies 24/7! but i don't see myself wearing jeans in 90+ degree weather.

anyway my question is, does anyone know what you call the shorts that are more elongated and slim looking? or does anyone know who makes good shorts in that type of style?

sorry if i dont make sense! haha

10th April 2006, 12:36
are you on about board shorts

the makes of quicksilver, reef, volcom, rip curl etc etc

guan yu
10th April 2006, 17:02
no, not board shorts

i'm talking about how shorts are regularly pretty wide, but i've seem some where the leg area is more slimmer and slightly longer rather than wide.

or if anyone has some shorts that they really like, feel free to share

10th April 2006, 19:54
I know i'll get hell for this, but i have a couple pairs of extremely old abercrombie cargos that I wear when its real hot out. They're the only thng abercrombie that I own. They look good and just won't die. Once upon a time abercrombie was started as a company that made safari clothing for the wealthy. I think in that vain, its the only thing they do well even to this day.