View Full Version : a question about my thin finns

17th February 2012, 12:50
hey, i just bought a pair of nudie thin finns in my typical denim size. they fit very snug, almost perfectly around my waist. for this reason its not as tight as i imagined it would be around the thigh and leg. i understand that people normally size down one or two inches, but i was wondering, what kind of fading results can i expect from making this decision?

thanks, a humble nudie newbie

(sorry if i broke any forum rules or anything)

Max Power
17th February 2012, 15:22
If they fit perfectly on the waist, don't size down. Choose a TLJ or HK instead, if you want a real tight fit. the fading doesn't differ much between the sizes, choose a pair that fits and let the rest happen.

18th February 2012, 10:17
I believe looser fit favors thigh whiskers and "less clustered" honeycombs; at least thats the case on my jeans.

Your TF will fade nicely, maybe even better than if sized down.