View Full Version : thin finn stretch

25th December 2011, 15:04
hi ,

i just bought a new pair of thin finn black coated , when i first wore them , i felt it to be slightly tight but it looks alright in the mirror ..... is this the norm and will they stretch ?

25th December 2011, 20:28
They stretch for sure, keep wearing them after a while they'll be as confortable as your pijamas ;)

Luke Cho
27th December 2011, 21:14
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29th December 2011, 00:40
Look at your tag in the jeans does it say 100% cotton or 98% cotten and 2% lycra(stretchy stuff). With a black coating they will not stretch that much because of the coating. If they look good in the mirror and you don't feel like they take the wind out of you they are good! if they are tight get on a bike lady style or you will regret it ;)