View Full Version : Thinn Finn stretched too much !

22nd December 2011, 07:36
Guys ! Hi I just joined . Anyway , I'm facing some stretching problems . My true size is 28 inch , but I bought my TFDS 28/34 ! Didn't know I had to size down , now it's a little loose around the waist and thighs ! Do you think I can go to a tailor and fix it ? Maybe get it altered by 1 or two inches ?:-(

Max Power
22nd December 2011, 08:01
You could give it a hot soak to shrink it back to he size they had when they were new and wear a belt afterwards, so they don't stretch out that much again. If it's really two inches, then I'd advice to get another pair. It would look odd even if a tailor would reduce the waist, all other proportions would be wrong as well.

22nd December 2011, 08:20
Oh gosh , I shall put pictures later at night . I bought it for $270 SGD ! Should have read up first ! ARGH !