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19th December 2011, 00:11
Hey guys, I am tired of my hairstyle, so I am thinking of getting a new one. I love this style http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ltseriipNa1qeyq14o1_500.jpg What's the name of the style ? Is it difficult to 'get' and 'maintain' 8 i hope you guys understand me ) thanks!

19th December 2011, 00:54
That is probably one of the easiest hairstyles to have actually. Ideally show the stylist that pic, but if not, just get it pretty short on the sides and longer on top. Throw some pomade in there and part it to one side and you're done.

The only slight issue with this is that it does require frequent trimming if you want to keep that exact look (every 2 or 3 weeks at least).

19th December 2011, 12:41
Yeah, its fairly traditional short back and sides, like Kmart said add some pomade and you're good to go!

Max Power
19th December 2011, 12:51
Yeah, and use real pomade, not gel, like Murrays or Schmiere. (Example: http://sivletto.com/system/search/search.asp?c=411&page=4)

19th December 2011, 13:11
Pomade for the win! http://www.pomade-shop.eu/epages/61591627.sf/en_GB/?ViewObjectID=309454

19th December 2011, 13:17
just in case you havent seen this vid (sorry in dutch), i really love the vintage barbershop....


think i will drop by soon to check these cool gents ;-)

Max Power
19th December 2011, 13:19
^Great vid! If I only had facial hair outside my ears and nose.

Schmiere Medium is the bomb. Girls (or boys) won't be able to stop to smell your hair. i got a friend who checks my hair everytime I use pomade. But Murray's or Dax is tighter...so depending on your hair you have to try some products to find the right one for you.

19th December 2011, 13:28
I should go for Rotterdam to get my beard in shape! Really cool barber-shop!

19th December 2011, 13:30
I'm going to try out Malin+Goetz latest pomade (http://www.brummellsoflondon.com/Mens-Hair-Care/Hair-Styling/sc1397/p1045.aspx) as I prefer matt to shiny, anyone know any other good matt pomades?

Cold Summer
19th December 2011, 14:13
I prefer Japanese hairstyles myself and use wax. Classic haircuts are cool but don't really work for me.

19th December 2011, 21:56
thanks for the replies! So this hiarcut is easy to get... I refuse using pomade... I think this products will hurt my hair , aren't they ? If i dont use pomade, I can't have that cut ?

19th December 2011, 22:15

way to go

Max Power
19th December 2011, 22:32
thanks for the replies! So this hiarcut is easy to get... I refuse using pomade... I think this products will hurt my hair , aren't they ? If i dont use pomade, I can't have that cut ?

The pics you posted are all made with the use of pomade. So if you want that look, you'll have to use it. Pomade won't hurt you, if you use real hard one it will be hard to wash out, but that doesn't matter as you have to grease them anyway. But, believe me, doing this hairstyle with gel or other crap is totally "wrong", as it should have a 50s vibe. The real deal, you know? I am bein picky here, but I love authenticity.

19th December 2011, 22:37
But what is the difference between pomade and gel ? It is difficult to get ? expensive ?

19th December 2011, 22:51
to nachobarro: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/pomade-vs-gel.html

M (http://www.buzzle.com/articles/pomade-vs-gel.html)aybe it is somehow useful for you

19th December 2011, 23:22
Murrays Pomade is a pain in the arse to wash out... But you can keep it in your hair for a while. Pomade isn´t meant to be washed out btw... Black and White is a great one too...

20th December 2011, 00:36
thanks for the replies! So this hiarcut is easy to get... I refuse using pomade... I think this products will hurt my hair , aren't they ? If i dont use pomade, I can't have that cut ?

Pomade won't hurt your hair at all, depending on the brand. Some of the heavy-duty stuff that Max and Fairylicks are talking about can annoying to wash out, style, etc. if you're a beginner but there are other options. I use American Crew Pomade (http://www.americancrew.com/products/classic/pomade) occasionally, and it is fantastic. Easy to wash out, very pliable.

Good luck with the cut! Hair is too often ignored, it's a shame really...

20th December 2011, 12:07
You can't go wrong with a classic haircut! That video of Schorem is amazing, saw it a couple of weeks ago,I think it was on fresh-cotton's blog?
This is also an amazing shop:

20th December 2011, 22:21
thanks for all the replies guys! This haircut goes well with every type of face-shapes ? ( classic haircuts )

20th December 2011, 22:56
It should, yeah!

20th December 2011, 23:02
nobody here have it ? haha

20th December 2011, 23:29
I've got a typical classic haircut!

21st December 2011, 02:46
great vid there donovan!

Max Power
21st December 2011, 08:23
I had a similar cut once (including pomade!)

27th December 2011, 05:18
Xmas present from Mum and Dad:

Blonde bob booked for 8.00am(!!!)
On 29th December

Will get somebody to take a picture and post it
Also ordered Babyliss hairstyler so I can keep the look rather than my current blonde teenage ponytail!!

Watch this space for the result!

30th May 2012, 19:04
hey guys, just bumping this thread because i want some pomade recomendation ! ( medium shine, medium fix , wash out easily , etc ) thanks guys !

Max Power
31st May 2012, 07:03
Murrays, Dax and I also like Schmiere Medium by Rumble 59 (smells excellent). Sivletto offers all of them.

31st May 2012, 19:40
I use Layrite Superhold Pomade. I think its pretty damn awesome and smells great. They have another one called Layrite Original Pomade aswell which is not as strong i guess (havnt tried it myself). And as Max Power said Sivletto have both of these aswell. Well they have a pretty big selection of pomades.

And if your ever in Stockholm Sweden makes sure you go to Sivletto and get yourself a killer haircut from Justin...

31st May 2012, 23:42
My barber recently presented me with a tin of Devil´s Deluxe (http://www.pomade-shop.eu/epages/61591627.sf/en_GB/?ViewObjectID=1866603) Pomade. That stuff is f***ing awesome – it smells like no pomade i´ve used before, it is smooth and easy to apply, and it looks perfect! The downside: the price… It is quite expensive, compared to Black & White, for example: double the price, half the amount. :(

By the way: is there an easy way to type links? I hate typing all that "URL=..."-stuff…

Max Power
1st June 2012, 06:28
^just copy the link and insert it by using the link button above (the globe with the chain). Will keep the Devils Deluxe in mind. Have you used Schmiere Miteel? It smells so aweome, girls just want to smell your hair then (true story)

3rd June 2012, 17:07
I got that haircut about 2 monthsago (didn't went back since then) and in my opinion, that's a lot of care. Like someone said earlier, you got to go back every 3 weeks to keep it in shape, plus with the use of pommade you'll have to wash your hair everyday. I find the styling not that easy, if you just put pommade on and comb them, they'll be flat, if that's the kind of style you're after you'll be fine but getting that bump on the front isn't that easy. Maybe my hair is pretty stubborn too but I would usually spend 15 minutes before the mirror to get it right!
I use Schmiere medium hold (it's blue and smells like chewing gum) or strong hold (concrete gray with a strawberry flavor) as well as Uppercut Deluxe monster hold, really hard stuff, smells like orange. However, I would always have to take a comb with me as my hair would get flat after an hour or so. Once again, not an easy haircut to maintain.

I'm currently wondering if I should get a buzzcut or just get the sides really short and keep it long on the top.

Who's the guy in the pics btw?

13th June 2012, 05:29
thats actually a fairly easy hairstyle to maintain there's not much to it all you need to do is just gel your hair or apply some cream to it and set it right and you're good for a lot of time. its only when you do some experimentation with spikes and what not that it gets a little difficult to maintain but this kind of stuff is fairly simple and straightfowrad!

13th June 2012, 10:12
I do not like spikes although it is a popular fashion nowadays.I see many young boys having this fashion called spikes hair cut.It suites on may youngsters but many look really odd.So that is why i use to say that i hate this because it looks odd on me.

14th June 2012, 04:46
i think when people do it right it really looks good on them but you need to have the face for it i guess! :)

14th June 2012, 16:46
MaxPower, maybe you should style your other hair with it, too, then? 8-) LOL, sorry, just couldn't resist! Haha. Seriously, I'd like to get some of the Schmiere Miteel, but I doubt it's for sale anywhere in the USA. :(

^just copy the link and insert it by using the link button above (the globe with the chain). Will keep the Devils Deluxe in mind. Have you used Schmiere Miteel? It smells so aweome, girls just want to smell your hair then (true story)

16th August 2012, 22:32
^this is probably the most inappropriate and childish post I have read in this forum… Congratulations, dear Sir, maybe you should switch to posting Youtube-comments…

Back to topic: I have recently placed a new pomade-order, and since Max was so pleased with Schmiere medium, I gave that a try, too. Now that I have used it for 2 weeks or so, I thought this might be a good tim to write a short review.

I have to say, the smell of Schmiere is awesome indeed. It can´t be compared in any way to my beloved Devil´s Deluxe – the Schmiere-smell is sweet, almost like cherry-bubblegum, whereas the DD is more, let´s say, manly.

Schmiere medium is great in any way but one: if I use it for three or four days in a row, my hair gets greasy as hell, and not in a good way. It just doesn´t look good anymore, and that´s a shame. Good thing that I own a small variety of pomades to choose from, so that´s something I can deal with – I just switch pomades every other day, and I´m cool ;-)

Thanks for the tip, this is a good alternative for the Devils Deluxe, since the consistency is quite similar to my DD, and Schmiere is much, MUCH more affordable for those who don´t want to use standard Black&White everyday.