View Full Version : Salvage vs Non-Salvage denim

4th December 2011, 14:11

Can someone please explain the difference on how the differnt denim types may change shape/fit at all? And also comment on overall fade?

Noticed in Nudie today that you can grab GT in salvage but not TF.

What denim thrashes in better?


Max Power
4th December 2011, 14:20
Selvage or common denim do not determine the fading as much as you think. It's just the way how the fabric is being made, on an old fashioned shuttle loom you get a self edge that doesn't fray, on a modern loom you get a fabric with open ends that need to be stitched. Selvage denim is often tighter woven, heavier, more slubby and uneven and thus has more character. But the fading is also determined by the numbers of dyes, by the temperature they use while dyeing, artificial vs. natural indigo etc.

The GT is one of the fits nudie uses for selvage fabric, as it's more classic (straight outseam allows a nice selvage line, button fly) than the more tapered TF.

The "better" denim is selvage, as it has more character and is also more durable - my nudie RADS was strurdy while the SJDJ got very flimsy after a while. (but the SJ faded better). Long term short: selvage FTW!