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18th November 2011, 10:09
Two days ago I bought a "german classic", the Bundeswehr-Parka, to start a project that is swirling around in my head for a long time: waxing a jacket (or other fabrics) on my own. The Bundeswehr-Parka is cheap and easy to get, it is versatile and rough, and as I said, a real classic. So it was my first choice and I only paid roundabout 30,-€ for the jacket and the wax. Enough said, here I go:
This is the BW-Parka, made of 100% cotton sateenfabric, with a warm mixed cotton inlett.
Some people peel the flags on both sides off, me not. I´m not a patriot, but I like Germany a lot!
As you can see, the jacket is made in 1988, the inlett 1987. Vintage, but in a really good condition!
I ripped out the inlett because I dont want any wax in there ..

Here´s the wax, Greenland wax from Fjällräven. I bought it because I like the company and it should be easy to apply on the fabric
Just rub the bar to the fabric!
Finished for the first time, as you can see, not much shrinkage on the bar.

18th November 2011, 10:22
Time to heat up the iron, the lowest level is enough to melt the wax into the fabirc
Very easy to melt the wax as you can see. It is pure beeswax and paraffin by the way ...
Half way to the top
Half way around the sleeve
Hm, only half way water repellend I´d say ...
So after another round of waxing the jacket ...
... the same result!:-?

Anyway, I´m still fine with the results and to get the fabric really watertight it would need a few more rounds of waxing. But the fabric is nice to touch now, not really oily or waxy as a "real" waxed jacket or so, more like a very durable high-tec jacket. Hard to describe! Maybe I´m going to wax something made of denim, should be no problem and the whole look won´t change. Stay tuned!

Max Power
18th November 2011, 11:21
Interseting topic! I got a G-1000 pant from Fjäll Räven too and that wax is doing real magic. But it is also a different material than the old 100% cotton BW stuff.

But the BW Parka is a classic. Give us some fitpics then...

18th November 2011, 11:34
Yeah! Bundeswehrparkas are simply awesome! A very cool project! That said, I never had any problems with my parka and rain, in fact it was my go to jacket in heavy rain. Of course it got wet, but my clothes underneath hardly ever did. My old olive drab one is retired, so for the next one I'm looking at a navy one.

Oh, and I always remove the flags. ;P

Max Power
18th November 2011, 11:49
I would remove them and sew them back on - upside down ;-)

18th November 2011, 19:09

Carl Weathers
18th November 2011, 22:44
Nice work, I like the result.

I've got a cotton jacket that I've been wearing for a year that could possibly benefit from a re-waxing. I'm scared incase I screw it up though!


19th November 2011, 01:26
Re-waxing shouldn´t screw it up, but washing does (as I heard ^^). To apply the wax little by little should be fine, excessive wax can easily bee removed with a non-fuzzing cloth. And I´d prefer a hairdryer to melt the wax into the fabric. Should be better to control, but i don´t grow hair on my head (instead of the face) so I don´t own a hairdryer! ;-)

6th February 2012, 19:57
I know I'm resurrecting the dead, here, but I'd like to thank you for the pictorial. I'm about to wax my canvas Filson bag and this used Burberry trench I picked up on the cheap a few years ago (provided everything goes well with the bag). I may just start on the trench's belt to get the technique down, first.

6th February 2012, 20:10
This thread is not really dead, to be honest I waxed my first denim two days ago. But my cams battery quit while taking pictures so there´s no way to document it. I´m fine withe the results and will take some pictures when my cam´s recharged.
I waxed my fjällräven kanken, too, so there should be no problem with your canvas bag. Go for it!

Max Power
7th February 2012, 08:20
waxed jeans? Sounds interesting. But hopefully not your DC4s. Oh, and it's cool to see you having an impact on your ladyfriends (you know what I talk about ;-))

7th February 2012, 12:23
No, it´s not my DC4. I tried with an old Levis "Type one" 901, one of the unsuccessfull levis produkt lines that I really liked. I´ll do a second waxing round, so stay tuned!