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6th November 2011, 14:54
Long time no see, mynudies...

I have a problem. Ive gotten oil from my bike chain on my Edwin ED-47... Ive tried to just wear them thinking it will wear away and i also washed them once, but theres still oil on them. What can I do to get rid of it? I tried googling it and they suggested using gasoline but im afriad it would bleach the jeans or not work or something like that, so I want to hear if anyone else has some other expiriences

Max Power
6th November 2011, 15:27
I have no experience, but yes, I also heard that cleaning gasoline could be used.

25th November 2011, 12:26
Wouldn't a non-polar solvent such as gasoline dissolve the indigo? At least that's my hypothesis.

I just did a second soak/light light hand wash on my slimjims and then spilled some nice oily red pepper sauce on them today (never fails! 2nd day brand new, fking gum stuck on a chair and I sat on it.., after soaking them first time, I got mud all over them.). I used a bit of detergent on my fingers and rubbed it into the stain. I'm hoping that worked.