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8th October 2011, 12:58
My RRDG turned 5 today and as you can see they are pretty worn. Apart from my wallet pocket there are no holes or stuff, but in the knees and on the butt here is almost no indigo left (hard to see on pic). I think aged denim lokes beautiful and i find it hard to part from them. But how to wear old jeans withut looking like a construction worker.

How do you wear yours and with what do you combine them? Or do you retire them when they get faded?

http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6039/6222249813_ca7f75f7ce_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/8019718@N06/6222249813/)
foto 5 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/8019718@N06/6222249813/)
http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6211/6222249811_f68bd05ce0_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/8019718@N06/6222249811/)
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8th October 2011, 18:24
They should not be retired as long as there's no embarassing holes in them imo.

If you don't want to wear them everyday you can keep them for days when, for whatever reason you choose, you don't want to wear a "new" pair of unwashed jeans.
Some peoples don't like reading that, but: I keep that kind of jeans for rainy days, walking in the forest, very hot days etc...

About the construction worker look...
You can wear polos or shirts, not too large.
And shoes, something similar to what's in the Alden topic.

I'm personally a big fan of polos, and sometimes switch my usual boots (doc martens type) for something more "semi-classic": http://www.finsbury-shoes.com/index_fr.php?page=3&pid=132&gid=3

9th October 2011, 03:01
I certainly would not dream of retiring them when they fade or start to tear.

I think this depends to a large degree on your personality and the concept of style in your area. Where I live, a rugged, progressive look is widely present, faded jeans would not raise any eyebrows. Ripped jeans are worn, some with damage where I suspect you would find it rather embarrassing, others would consider it cool or even sexy. Or provocative, perhaps that's the best term.

I love my jeans more the older they get. Sometimes I combine them with dark, rather new denim, sometimes I like a totally worn-out look. In high summer, worn-out or torn jeans will always look good just with a tee and chucks, I figure. There, the chucks give you an opportunity for a contrast -new chucks in good shape- or grungy -old chucks that compete with the jeans: which falls apart first- look.

Now that it gets autumnal, a biker leather jacket always, in my taste, looks absolutely great with heavy worn out jeans.

Perhaps you may look up the thread "Wearing them ripped", there's lots of opinion in this context there.

And finally: if you (or someone else) does retire some denim because it's too faded or damaged: please consider offeríng them to me (if they are roughly my size, W 30-32, L 32 or longer). I really dig inheriting heavy worn jeans.

30th November 2011, 23:38
I love wearing them (intact) for as long as I can to get the fades I want so badly.

I get let down if the knees go into holes as this is not a good look for a girl.

Hard to find great quality jeans that will live a long and happy life and draw compliments rather than just looking like a scruffy kid.


Having said that I have a totally worn out pair that I haven't got the heart to bin, so I couple them with a worn out shirt that's also miles too big and sleep in them!(But this has a limited shelf span)