View Full Version : Thin Finn - 29 or 30???

Christoph Amiss
18th August 2011, 08:07
I'm planning to get a pair of the tfodee, and I need help deciding what size to order (since I'll be buying online).

Ok so, I have an entire slew of Levi's 511's, and they are all 29's. But some don't fit anymore, and some do. I've noticed the ones that DO fit, are a more like layed back casual denim, and the ones that don't are like the ones that are stiffer and are like more raw-ish or like coated kinds. So I know the tfodee starts out all stiff and the whatnot so then like a 30 would be good I guess, but then I know it gets broken in and would become ok as a 29.

Any suggestions?

18th August 2011, 09:13
29 or 28....if your true to waist size is 29 then i reckon go for 28....it will stretch out mate! just grab mine last months.....but the waist is freaking big now......better to start tight and let it fit nicely to your liking after that....

Christoph Amiss
18th August 2011, 23:22
Thanks! I'll go with a 29 instead of a thirty, I guess I'm kinda like a 29.5 haha :)

24th August 2011, 09:00
defo 29..