View Full Version : alteration/hem issues

2nd August 2011, 06:52
so i picked up a pair of N & F red weft selvedge. they have a 35.5 inch inseam. i am 6 foot but have a short inseam. around 30 inches. i got them hemmed down to 31.5 inches. for whatever reason i spaced the fact that when you keep the original hem you see the old hem from the inside. these being red weft i would want to cuff them from time to time. but now i can see the sewn hem. my question is..... should i take off the old hem and just get a new one sewn on? if so, how much length will i lose? or just keep them as is and never cuff them? they currently look like this


18th January 2012, 04:47
Personally I wouldn't touch them as they ALWAYS shrink
(BTW they look really nice).
I'm 4'11" - true inside leg 32" but need to buy 34" to allow for shrinkage and I like stacking so it wouldn't matter if they didn't.

You don't want to look like you borrowed your jeans from your kid brother and you can always do it later if you're not happy!