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30th March 2006, 15:23
Does the average Nudie wearer have taste in books I wonder?

What is the last or current book you are reading hmm?

For me 'Nausea' by JP Sartre

I'm half way through, it's amazing, such existential angst!

30th March 2006, 16:42
dan brown's da vinci code
jeffery deaver's the coffin dancer(its part of the lincoln rhyme series)

30th March 2006, 17:27
Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte Cristo.

30th March 2006, 18:11
the IKEA catalog. :wink:

30th March 2006, 18:21
i just finished A VOICE THROUGH A CLOUD by Denton Welch, William S. Burrough's favorite writer. Mr. Welch died before the book was completed. Support your library, check it out.

30th March 2006, 18:38
just finished a dutch book, gesloten ruimte but in english its Grasshopper! its from ruth rendell.

and now i'm gonna read the new book (4th) of dan brown in the da vinci code serie..

30th March 2006, 19:34
if your into that sacred geometry business, The Tomb of God is a good read, as well as Holy Blood, Holy Grail. I wouldn't touch DaVinci Code with a 10-foot-crucifix, personally.

30th March 2006, 19:50
the only book of that kind worth reading is foucault's pendulum by umberto eco. he makes dan brown look like a second grader with a cheap diorama.

30th March 2006, 20:14
thanks 4 the tips guys! those are good topic answers:D

but, i'm am dutch and i rather read books written in dutch do u guys know if those are?

30th March 2006, 20:29
the only book of that kind worth reading is foucault's pendulum by umberto eco. he makes dan brown look like a second grader with a cheap diorama.

damn, forgot about that one. good call. never finished it (HUGE), but I doubt that you are supposed to

THE NAME OF THE ROSE by U. ECO is essential

30th March 2006, 21:05
Anything by Bret Easton Ellis....especially American Psycho.

30th March 2006, 21:05
The latest books i've read this week were Jack Kerouac - On the Road, Ernest Hemingway - The Old Man and The Sea and now Umberto Eco - Foucault's Pendulum, which will last me for a while i think...

@cripes! , also read La Chemins de la Libert? (The Roads to Freedom) by Sartre and stuff by Albert Camus (I read only La Peste but i hear the rest is great too), if you are into existentialist literature....

31st March 2006, 00:06
the rats - james herbert before that blinking with fists - billy corgan

31st March 2006, 11:02
Currently reading Heart Of Darkness by Jospeh Conrad, and not diggin' it. Also reading Jimi Hendrix and Post War Pop by Charles Shaar Murray, which is a good read. Last book I finished was Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson - great book, very exciting.

31st March 2006, 12:11
Too many serious books, how 'bout some fun? all of christopher moore's books are hilarious and well written. Two best are: Lamb and Bloodsucking Fiends. I'm not reading any right now cause i've read them all; and school and work consume my time, but this summer i'm gonna choose one to read again.

31st March 2006, 12:38
Everything of NICCI FRENCH

Psycological thrillers

31st March 2006, 14:26
Well... i really havent read any fiction for a long time, only got time for books related to uni work... although i still buy alot of fiction... so i've got like 70-80 books i need toread on my shelf :D


the last book i read was

"Jihad : the rise of militant Islam in Central Asia" by Ahmed Rashid

and i'm currently reading 'The Culture of Defeat' which is translated from the German book of the same by Wolfgang Schivelbuch, great book on The National trauma after losses, covers three main areas. American South after civil war, France after defeat by Prussia and Germany in WW1

31st March 2006, 14:35
Hey Cripes! What you readin fo!?

I believe the last book I read and thought "god damn, what a good book." - was "Johnny got his gun" by Dalton Trumbo. It's a damn good story. Read it or die.

Swedish readers - read "Socker Conny" by Joakim Pirinen. A cartoon-book for grown ups. The best ever. Should be able to find it at any library.

Derrick Riguer
31st March 2006, 15:07
michel houllebecq - platform
michael ondaatje - running in the family
camus' - the outsider (existential angst at its finest)
dosteyevsky - brothers karamazov (ANGST)
bill hicks - love all the people
barely legal - vol 6 issue 7

31st March 2006, 16:19
If we're gonna count comic books then the last thing I read was 'Meow!' by Jason. He's a Norwegian writer but most of the stuff he does is wordless. It's all good, especially 'The Iron Wagon' which has been translated into English as it's one of his books with dialogue.

31st March 2006, 16:25
to continue with wordless comics, FRANK by Jim Woodring is incredible

31st March 2006, 16:32
Wow, Nudietypes do have good taste, the ones that replied anyway :D

Agree with the essential Eco, Name of the Rose is great and his collections like Adventures in Hyperreality, Travels with a Salmon are cool too.

Camus' l'estranger has a dark beauty to it I think.

Jeremy, your books sound interesting, you looked at any Tariq Ali stuff?

Ooh Comics too...

quimby the mouse
Akira, of course

Beefcake: Bill's genius will last forever!!

31st March 2006, 19:05
the only book of that kind worth reading is foucault's pendulum by umberto eco. he makes dan brown look like a second grader with a cheap diorama.

damn, forgot about that one. good call. never finished it (HUGE), but I doubt that you are supposed to

THE NAME OF THE ROSE by U. ECO is essential

The important thing in reading Foucault's Pendulum is that you don't have to get ALL the references, just as long as you understand why he is showing all this and how it is connecting to the novel. My friend said it was like a boring homework assignment but then finished it after I gave her that advice.

Also, I am digging on Ulysses, though I have the Annotations helping me and they're in a second book that is longer than the work itself.

(can you tell that I am going to go into school for lit. criticism/theory :P ?)

31st March 2006, 22:12
Im reading the dead emcee scrolls by saul williams!!

31st March 2006, 22:19
ulysses!!! another book i never finished
i never finished MALDOROR by leautreamont, either

good luck man

i breezed through THE RECOGNITIONS by Gaddis, so fuggit

1st April 2006, 10:45
I know one

harry potter the saga hahaha! :D

ho no i hate this book. BALDORE Algebra book is a big trauma :shock:

And Basic .- LOVERS & PLAYERS, by Jackie Collins

1st April 2006, 12:52
just half way Tom Wolfe"s "The Bonfire of the Vanities"

saw the film a year ago on tv,but the real one is much better!

1st April 2006, 16:24
wow redrover is that a book or do you mean one of his lps?

HIs stuff is very cool man!

2nd April 2006, 09:39

I actually bought
'The Clash Of Fundamentalisms : Crusades, Jihads And Modernity' by Ali, but as i mentioned i've got loads to read so i have had a chance to go beyond the introduction.

I referenced Tariq's 2003 paper on the 'Re-colonising of Iraq' for a paper on American Foreign policy.

Aside from that i've got 'The Book of Saladin', a fictional retelling of the Kurdish leader against the Crusaders. Brilliant book.

5th April 2006, 14:42
yeah, I did the same with Clash of Fundamentalisms, only got to the second chapter then had too much other stuff to get on with. I really enjoyed his book of interviews though ccalled Speaking of Empire and Resistance.

Next thing on the agenda is Zizek's new one The Parallax View, its looks like the most intimidating of all his books, hehe can't wait to get into it
see ya dude

1st May 2006, 13:48
Shantaram was the last "proper" book I read. But i read the star-bellied snetches to my daughter tonight.

1st May 2006, 14:56
just read Pattern Recognition by William Gibson. A must for folks here as it deals with such things as "cool hunting" and "bulletin boards" such as this one.

now working on the Naked and the Dead by Norman Mailer. Good stuff. World War II, his first book.

1st May 2006, 18:01
I always have Lovecraft hanging around for short stories if I have a little free time. Right now I'm focusing my reading on Milton's Paradise Lost.

1st May 2006, 19:15
Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte Cristo.

I have the movie here at home.

1st May 2006, 19:16
I do read books I even have to for my school list. But this is all dutch literature.

1st May 2006, 21:00
oh god.... or not. Nausea!!! that was at times great and at times just plain frustrating to read. maybe it's better in the french?