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4th June 2011, 15:47
Now that denim shirts are beginning to get a more common sight again in the streets (after they have been on the catwalks 2 years ago) i was wondering if you guys are denim- or just jeans freaks.

I have two denim jackets and recently bought a denim shirt at H&M (needed a cheap one as i didn't know if i'd like to wear it) as well. I am still not sure how to combine the stuff. I wear my denim jackets with a pair of jeans (what else as i hardly own other fabric pants) and do the same with the shirt. But would not combine the three.

What's your opinion?

Max Power
4th June 2011, 16:12
I wear all three and love all forms of denim. My favorite denim shirt is the Iron Heart SH 27, 12 oz. Besides that, I got a 16 oz Black Denim Shirt and a Nudie denim Jacket. As I like fading indigo and the feeling of denim, there is no resisting these options.

4th June 2011, 17:10
Jeans, denim shirt, jeans jacket, chambray scarf.

I max out at 58 oz.(IH-527J at 21 oz, IHSH-08 at 16, IHBX01 at 21)...

4th June 2011, 18:53
Just to clarify. Jeans and Denim are two different garments... But I know what you mean. Raw jacket and faded pant, looks great imo!

Max Power
4th June 2011, 20:37
...and the given answers are a bit confusing. I voted for "all three, but not combined", as I never wear a triple layer, but a double layer works fine for me.

4th June 2011, 21:29
Just to clarify. Jeans and Denim are two different garments... But I know what you mean. Raw jacket and faded pant, looks great imo!

In my language, we refer to a denim jacket as a jeans jacket... And a denim shirt as a jeans shirt... So it gets quite confusing trying to keep this in mind whilst using another language...

5th June 2011, 05:51
I can add one to this since last year at some point I got a denim vest from topman. I haven't worn all four at the same time, but perhaps at some point for Halloween, though I may also want a denim hat and tie for that...

8th June 2011, 15:13
Thread needs pics... Overdoing it, IH style... 21 oz jacket, 21 oz jeans, 12 oz. denim shirt...


Max Power
8th June 2011, 15:45
Doesn't look as bad as expected. A really worn out jeans would help to break the raw denim look.

8th June 2011, 16:32
I actually plan on rocking this combo - but I will change to duck rider instead of denim'un...

29th July 2011, 12:50
That's a really cool jacket. Where did u get them?

27th October 2011, 03:23
I always combined a denim jacket and wear a jeans.

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30th November 2011, 23:59
My uniform is denim jeans with black leather jacket

Never found a denim jacket that suited me