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18th April 2011, 00:22
hey, so i want to put a wallet in the back right pocket of my TFDS nudies but i dont want a fade like this: http://mynudies.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=9633&c=12 i want more of an even fade all around the ass part of my jeans, kinda like this: http://mynudies.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=9958&c=12 so does anyone have any tips how how to get a even fade? should i wear my TFDS without a wallet for a while, then put a wallet in? Or just put a wallet in right now? so far i have been wearing my thinn finns for about 3-4 weeks with no wallet. Any suggestions on how to get an even fade will help greatly!! Thanks! :)

18th April 2011, 00:57
Firstly, the lighting in the pictures can be a bit misleading so they probably look more similar than the picture says.

If you have a large and pointy wallet that you wear in the same position in your back pocket you will end up with a sharper fade. If you don't want this fade you can either stop wearing your wallet in the pocket or just switch it around a lot.

How you wear the jeans seem important as well, the guy with the faded jeans are sagging them more and thus he sits more on his yoke rather than the pockets.

Hope this helps but honestly, don't bother about this kind of stuff, just wear them, love them and they'll be as beautiful as they possibly can be. =)

18th April 2011, 09:06
i do want the pocket fade, but i dont want it to stand oout so much, like i want the other side faded too. I have no use for a wallet, i never wear them... im just thinking about wearing it for the fade but i dont want it to be the only part thats faded. I usually never wear wallets so do you think i should continue not to wear wallets and fade the back of my nudies with no wallet, and i decide to put a wallet in much later do you think i will still get a nice wallet fade?

Max Power
18th April 2011, 09:33
I have no use for a wallet, i never wear them?

If this doesn't answer your question, I don't know. (This was the calmest thing I could force myself to type).

18th April 2011, 10:20
You'll get a more distinct fade the earlier you decide to wear it.

I agree with Max though, if you don't need the wallet then don't wear it. I think the best tips I can give you is "relax and wear"

18th April 2011, 10:27
alright thanks alot :D