View Full Version : Tips on wearing Thin Finns

28th February 2011, 10:16
Guys ,

The problem with my thinfinn is that they ain't really tight around my thighs and shin area . will that hinder the fading process ?

help appreciated :-D

13th April 2011, 16:43
There really isn't much you can do in my opinion. You could wash and dry them to shrink but then you will delay the fading significantly so I wouldn't recommend that. Or you just have to find a different style if you want them to fit differently.

14th June 2011, 02:10
just low ride them and you should be fine

Max Power
14th June 2011, 07:12
Dude, I wear a LVC 201, which should be among the loosest cuts and it has been washed in 90° before the first wear. And it fades, too. So don't worry.

28th November 2011, 01:11
Hey guys,

one short question :) Im going to buy another Nudie Thin Finn Dry Jeans. What would happen if i put the jeans directly into the washing machine before i wear them a couple of months ?? Would the appearance of the jeans be unaltered, so like the same as i bought it or would it be different?


30th November 2011, 14:31
It'd wash out some of the indigo and slow down the fading process, but I doubt it'd look much different otherwise...
Why would you do that though?