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13th February 2011, 12:50
Hello MyNudies,

I been have a fan of these boards for a long time. I just wanted to share with you all a blog that I started to document an ambitious project to hand dye, hand weave and construct a pair of selvage jeans. I am researching all of the steps and processes. This is in the beginning stages now, please follow along if you're interested.


Also, if you have any resources that would be of help to me along the way, I'd greatly appreciate anything you might have. :cool:

13th February 2011, 13:01
Ambitious and interesting indeed!
Good luck with the project, please keep us posted :wink:

13th February 2011, 19:41
very interesting project man

15th February 2011, 23:27
Very nice! Stoked to see how this plays out

16th February 2011, 04:51
lets get ventures>>>:)

18th March 2011, 05:59

19th March 2011, 02:42
thanks for the support guys, I have received the sample cotton from Cone Denim and will begin setting up the loom with that for sample testing. I just have to finish the warp that is on the loom now for another project. Lots of updates to the denim adventure in the next couple weeks.

I have sewn most of the first practice pair of my own patterned jeans, cut from some larger levi's. still need to add the waistband and belt loops for that.

19th March 2011, 04:46
Definitely checking back in on this. I wish the best of luck to you man! Who knows, maybe the way you make them they will become the most expensive jeans in the world if you decide to make jeans and make them like that haha!

23rd March 2011, 19:25
thanks dude, haha yeah doubt i'll ever be able to top the $2000 handdyed-handwoven momotaros in construction or quality (i haven't aquired a 2000 year old japanese indigo recipe, but that's another reason for me to keep up my japanese.. maybe one day)

love your avatar btw, i'm in a "military history of japan" course at art school and enjoying it (that is a samurai, yeah?)

18th April 2011, 01:57
update: a few dips into my cotton denim yarn. will probably have to do another 15-20 dips to make it dark enough.

Left to Right: 7 dips, 10 dips, 7 dips, 4 dips (natural dyes overdyed in indigo for hue variations)

18th April 2011, 04:09
That's actually really cool man! I am looking forward to future updates from you!

19th April 2011, 18:58
^2nded! Looks great. How deep of an indigo are you trying to achieve?

20th April 2011, 02:41
^2nded! Looks great. How deep of an indigo are you trying to achieve?

thanks guys. i'm going for something hopefully twice as dark.
this is Momotaro's hand-dyed & handwoven denim and I know they're more experienced than me so that color is what I'm shooting for (which seems doable). also the color will likely shift when i treat the yarn before weaving (sulfur & starch, still researching this step.)


but i'm also doing some sampling with cotton dyed in natural dyes then overdyed in indigo for different hues. (in my last photo its the smaller skanes on the right). i've found some pretty good ones that look darker so we'll see.

1st December 2011, 21:52
Could you update - this is a very fascinating project


5th February 2012, 14:22
Would be nice if there is update for this.