View Full Version : Hello! New to the forums. What jeans to get?

9th February 2011, 01:48
Noob here! I have been searching for a nice new pair of denim I can love.. (beat the crap out of for the next year or 2) I am loving the Grim Tim Broken Blacks, but am afraid they are going to be way too thin for me. I am used to the fit of Levis 501 and most straight legged denim. I wouldn't mind going a tad bit thinner, but how much of a drastic change do you think this will be?



9th February 2011, 02:11
Welcome and thank you for joining MyNudies. I'm sure everyone has a different opinion here but judging from what you said I would highly recommend any of the classic cuts....Regular Alf and Slim Jim. Reg Alf is a bootcut so if you want slimmer I would highly recommend the Slim Jim Dry Broken Twill. They fit great, you can beat the crap out of them, and I think they have the nicest fade of all Nudies.

9th February 2011, 02:20
I can recommend the SJDJ - Slim Jim Dry Japan - if you can get your hands on a pair :) I got insane fading after only 5 months :P But apart from the SJ the classic models will work

9th February 2011, 02:26
Thanks mattias! I reallly love the Thinn Finn Dusty blacks and GT broken blacks ughhhh. Why do those styles have to be so slimmm? ;(

9th February 2011, 02:30
Those look great Freidrich, thank you for the suggestion! I'm going for black right now though I'm afraid.

9th February 2011, 02:42
There is a SJDBC - Slim Jim Dry Black Coated - that has a nice glow about them. good luck mate!

9th March 2011, 11:41
very glad to see you here
hope we can dicuss something good related to fashion!

9th March 2011, 13:02
welcome mate!!