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18th November 2010, 15:43
i've been wearing my jeans about eight months now, with a break for summer when it was just too hot. i washed them after six months or so and i'm very happy with the way they are fading. the problem is that they're kinda stanky and grimey, not unbearably so but enough that i notice. i want to do a cold soak, but i'm pretty aprehensive about it because when i washed them my honeycombs got knocked right out. There was still the color difference, but there were no creases and since then a different pattern of honeycombs has been developing over the old one. i really like the effect, but this set of honeycombs is definitely not ready for a wash, and i'm afraid that if i do cold soak my jeans the new set of honeycombs will be gone. if someone could shed some light on this situation for me i would definitely appreciate it.

Max Power
18th November 2010, 16:07
Soaking won't harm the creases as much as a wash, but still it can affect them. An Option would be to wear them while soaking or in the shower, thus they keep the shape of your body. maybe wash with Dr. Bronners soap. I think, that a cold saok won't kill the smell, so a gentle wash would be better. Or the classics, air them out or freeze, but that are only short-time eases.

3rd March 2011, 19:13
I know this thread is a bit outdated, but a couple of nights ago I ran across this really nice video showing a couple of guys soaking a nice pair of Naked & Famous heavy raws. I guess this could help soak-newbies like myself get familiar to the soaking process. The video is cut into two parts, and I'm posting both of them.

It's actually fun to watch, so enjoy:

Part 1:


Part 2:


Now I know the titles of the video say "How To Wash ..." but what they're doing is pretty much a soak with delicate detergent... Clean soak? :p

3rd March 2011, 20:00
Now I know the titles of the video say "How To Wash ..." but what they're doing is pretty much a soak with delicate detergent... Clean soak? :p

I liked the vid, it was fun =) And they talk about soaking all through the video and never about washing :P

3rd March 2011, 20:11
Exactly man! But for some reason they still named the video "How To Wash Your Raw Denim Jeans". I especially like the way they talk to each other in the video; a kind of soft-sarcastic-funny way, and you can tell that they're not trying too hard.

Glad you enjoyed it man!

22nd September 2012, 20:10
Thats what I thought too.