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31st October 2010, 04:20
This is my first pair of Finns. Superused grey 29x34. I'm really not sure about the fit. They need to be longer, and there is so much sag in the ass... I don't know if that's because of the elastane in the material, or if all TFs are like this? Maybe I need to put things in the pockets (wallet, phone etc)? Please give feedback.




31st October 2010, 05:28
That's just how Finns fit my friend. They're definitely meant to be worn lower than where you have them.

No need to create a new thread...

31st October 2010, 05:31
Sorry I couldn't see a general pic thread? I'll move the pics...

31st October 2010, 05:34
Haha, it's fine... you could've probably just used the misc. question thread.

For the record, I like the fit, you just gotta pull em down a little bit.

31st October 2010, 05:35
Ok thanks :)

You don't think longer? I think I want more stacks...

31st October 2010, 05:43
Yeah, you could probably go for a 36 if you really like a lot of stacking. I think they're fine as is though (and remember, every little bit you pull em down gives more stacks, so keep that in mind).

31st October 2010, 05:45
^thx for the advice :)

Max Power
31st October 2010, 13:11
^kmart is right. Wear them a bit lower. It's funny, as the bum looks pretty baggy, but you can see that the front is tight, but that's how Finns fit and I think the length is perfect for you. If you wear them a bit longer and the form your body, the bum will look nicer. Carrying a wallet and a belt (for the optic) would help, too.

31st October 2010, 13:47
I agree ^Kmart is right.
Sag a little bit more and they fit you perfect.

1st November 2010, 02:44
Thanks for all the feedback!

26th February 2011, 13:56
Am looking to pick up a pair of grey or lighter jeans for the spring and upcoming summer (need to make myself feel like its sooner than it actually is!), and was looking at the superused grey TF, anyone got these that I can see some more fitpics like above? I notice that they are made from the comfort stretch denim which is the same used for TFDS so thankfully they aren't the same as other pre washes that use power stretch denim (which sucks imo)...anyone have any experiences with these that they can tell me about?Dansta how have you found these jeans?stretched much? Would love to be able to pick up a pair of the TLJ ecru grey somewhere but theyre nowhere to be found so the TF superused grey is the next best thing I reckon!

27th February 2011, 02:00
The waist stretches out a bit but otherwise they don't stretch much. Obviously the denim has a lot of elastane in it, so they stretch when you wear them, but then they snap back.

I actually just sold my pair of these. The stretch material seemed to prevent stacking, and the arse looked terrible. I have other TFs in non-stretch material and I much prefer the way they sit/stack. Having said that, I'm a pretty lanky dude, so depending on your body shape these may work for you.