View Full Version : shrinkage with cotton

12th March 2006, 12:28
i recently bought a cotton cardigan, its abit biggish on me and i was wondering how i cud shrink it, i dont have a dryer, i only have a washing machine, i heard hot water will do it, but anyone who disagrees say,
if anyone can help me try and shrink this cardi it wud be great

24th September 2006, 18:26
Well you could try just doing the washing machine @ 60 degrees celcius.. Some jeans of a friend shrank 2/3 cm in length

24th September 2006, 20:26
washing at 60 degrees or more should do it but be warned its not an exact science!

25th September 2006, 04:03
I wouldn't advise a hot wash for a cardigan. You might ruin the shape of the garment. Read the care instructions first if you chose this option.