View Full Version : sizing question. new to nudies. plz help

31st August 2010, 04:32
im going to order me some nudies, thin finns to be exact, but im having difficulties in finding a size to buy.

im 6'4, 165 lb. tall and skinny lol

i wear a 32 in most jeans, should i stay at this size, or size down, told these have the tendency to stretch

31st August 2010, 05:37
Stick with the 32 (and use the misc. question thread next time ;-)).

31st August 2010, 10:22
Your right up my alley.

I am 6'5 and about 175lbs. I usually wear a 32 or 33 waist in normal jeans and I sag my finns a bit and like some stacking so i went with 32/36 in the Organics. They do stretch a bit. My 32's were tight initially, but not uncomfortably tight. They stretch a bit, not as much as i have been told around these forums though. Maybe its because they are the organics. No clue. Here are some fit pics of my 32w/36l organics that might help you out.


Hope this helps.