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7th October 2004, 21:52
As a Swede living abroad I find great comfort that I can buy my snus (swedish snuff) online and have it shipped to me. Well, as some of you might know is that the EU have now banned the export of snus. This will make it hard to come by in some countries.

:idea: So I wanted to tell you all about www.svenskt.com

That is a website where you can order snus for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, their English language website www.swedishfoods.net is still in the works so if you don't speak/read Swedish you can always email the owner/seller info@swedishfoods.net

Good luck! I know how valuable it can be. :D

8th October 2004, 11:16
...and these great havreflarn cookies : :D

best cookies on earth hehe :wink: