View Full Version : Jeans that are 501 spin off's???

16th June 2010, 15:09
Maybe i am not that well informed, but when i look at APC, Skull and Denime jeans they seem to be spin off's from the original 501 STF. Especially Denime which has a copy of the red tab at the back pocket. For all denim, the fit, fly and back pockets look very similar to the 501.

Is there a relation or am i seeing ghosts?

16th June 2010, 15:19
Welcome to the world of Repro-Jeans...

but you can skip APC in this case

But to add something useful, further repro brands you might encounter:

Samurai (but not that much)
Evisu (kinda, they started the repro-hype)
Studio d’Artisan
The FlatHead
The Steam Locomotive

And the list goes on and on .
There are also many little in-shop brands like “Porkys”

16th June 2010, 20:10
I don't think you're seeing ghosts at all, dave.

I just is yet another foolproof demonstration that the 501 really IS the original.....

16th June 2010, 23:02
Not to feel as thought I'm pointing out the obvious, but aren't all jeans based on the original 501?

14th September 2010, 21:05
Well, of course Levi´s 501 is the real mother of all jeans. Without Levi´s from 1873 we were not all dressing up in jeans nowaday.
But I will be faith to Levi´s 501xx only made in USA!!