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1st June 2010, 19:20

Hey guys, I thought you should all watch this. I know a lot of the denim experts (and I just happen to be on a Jean Forum) know most of this stuff, but its a nice little compact documentary. The full sized one isn't out yet.

But SwissJeansFreak (a mynudies.com member) is in here! They show some pics of his musuem and how he goes about finding people on the streets with awesome jeans - he then gives him his card and asks them not to throw away their jeans.

You know I never realized it until the video, but jeans really are the one garment that has been unchanged since it's birth.
Momotaro Jeans Japan is also shortly featured and it shows hand dying!
Same with ooe yofukuten (briefly though I think).
Apparently some male-porn star innovated tight/skinny jeans for men?... lol?!

Watch! :-)

1st June 2010, 19:39
we'll be there with the ooe yofukuten world tour too! well, maybe.

1st June 2010, 19:43
peter berlin! :shock:

real n1ggers get baggy! haha... thats hilarious

1st June 2010, 20:13
peter berlin! :shock:

real n1ggers get baggy! haha... thats hilarious
Yeah..it was worse then his title was "King of Rap" ... :-?

2nd June 2010, 00:28
hisao manabeĀ“s hands are blue forever.
pretty cool what he says about the bacteria. "you may not disturb them"...

Cold Summer
2nd June 2010, 05:00
Very interesting stuff!

Most of the gay dudes I've met wear those nasty acid-bleached flare-leg jeans with the white splotches all over 'em. All the skinny jean wearing people I know (including me) are not gay so personally I think the whole "skinny jeans look gay" crowd actually has no idea what they are talking about. That being said, the porn star guy's jeans are way way way too tight.

2nd June 2010, 06:15
I had thought this had come out ages ago and I'd been looking for the actual full-length documentary all this time. So the full-length hasn't been released yet, MP?

2nd June 2010, 07:28
super interesting!

That train of thought that the "King of Rap" had was hard to follow, I rewound it and still .. haha good for a laugh tho.

I wear em TIGHT! ..... TIGHT

2nd June 2010, 07:41



2nd June 2010, 11:04
hehe. ruedi is a nice guy. walks through the streets, asking guys for their worn in denim...

2nd June 2010, 12:28
Ahh I figured out where I've seen it before, I believe they were also talking about it on sufu. Now did a bit of research and it turns out that they are still in the making regardless of how old that trailer was. I'd definitely try and pick a copy up when it comes out.

Proposed Production Date
Proposed Delivery Date
06/30/2010For more info on the documentary (http://www.hotdocs.ca/resources/images/billboards/Jeans_A_Faded_Blue_Planet.pdf)

13th June 2010, 00:36
Thanks for putting this in here. I hadn't heard about it and am rather in awe after having watched it. Can't wait for the finished product, and it seems quite a bit of waiting is (will be) involved!

25th March 2011, 01:41
has the full length be realised yet ? where can i get a copy ?

25th March 2011, 02:35
I really enjoyed that video man! Thanks for sharing it here... Cheers mate

25th March 2011, 07:24
yes it has been broadcastes some months ago on ARTE (french/german TV)

Max Power
25th March 2011, 08:19
unfortunately it was only up 2 weeks or so. As anyone made a copy?

25th March 2011, 14:32
Nice documentary. I like how they show different aspects and point of view by different people on denim or jeans. Thanks for uploading.

25th March 2011, 16:53
Where can I get the full/finished documentary!?

11th October 2012, 11:30
So no one found a mirror of this?

Cold Summer
12th October 2012, 01:03
I saw this on an airplane a few months ago. It was quite good.