View Full Version : Will they work for me you think?

23rd February 2006, 07:11
I have had a big denim crush on the finns since they came out, but can't decide if they will look ridiculous on me, being that I'm not stick thin.

I am a true 33 in most jeans (my sj's are 33's, my LF dry's are a 32 etc...) and I like the tops of my Jims alot but want something slimmer from the knee down.

Do you think a Thin Finn in 33 or 34 will work on me? I have shapely legs....that is they are bigger in the thighs than at the calf.....

furthermore....anybody seen finn's in those sizes??

23rd February 2006, 10:16
I have and really like jims
I tried finns and sent them back.
In my opinion, finns and jims feel way different up top.
The finns feel way saggier in the seat, and it feels like theres all this extra room/fabric in the crotch. and also they feel like the sit too high up to me.
So im just saying, just cos you like jim doesnt mean youll necessarily like finn.
Dont get me wrong, the finns can be very cool, but they didnt work for me.

But my taste in jeans sends me towards kims for something thinner in the legs (low rise will always beat out high rise for me).

23rd February 2006, 15:43
wow I didnt even know they made finn that big..

maybe post some pictures of you with other jeans so we can see. I'm not so sure finn would look too nice on bigger "shaplier" legs; just a guess tho.

23rd February 2006, 18:22
Yeah, I'm hoping the baggier top block will just allow me to fit my gut in comfortably without look quite as baggy-butt. If I ever find any that fit me I'll make sure to post a pic