View Full Version : Do you adjust your stacks?

9th March 2010, 21:03
Not sure if this has been asked or not, but when you get a new pair of denims do you just throw em' on and let them stack how they please, or do you get down there and perform some stack surgery?

I myself, if not cuffing, just toss them on and never look back.

How about you?

9th March 2010, 21:12
I'd say no. I don't judge those who do, though ! :]]

9th March 2010, 21:43
since i abide by the theory that denim is supposed to be telling a story... I don't mess with the "reality" of it and just let it be. Seems a bit more "raw" that way and I like the surprise of how they turn out without interference.

but then again... someone else's story is probably that they're very particular about where their stacks may lie and lines form, so their jeans will reflect that... which works for them too, I guess.

9th March 2010, 21:46
You forgot the option about not doing the stacks thing at all....

9th March 2010, 22:17
Yeah I wanted to go back and add it, don't know how (also missed an "r" in there!). Figure "most" people have a pair or two they let stack though!

10th March 2010, 01:05
you gotta show people how you walk,sit,and ETC :D

10th March 2010, 05:00
i got some really ugly stacks on some new jeans so i ironed them out and tryed again. I like them now.

10th March 2010, 05:18
i don't starch or put water on them but i occasionally pick at them, i believe it's one thing to fix them like the former method but also another to just make yourself NOT look sloppy.

10th March 2010, 08:21
i do sometimes adjust my stack......
but not everytime.....

10th March 2010, 14:13
It has a fixed shape for mine. So, I'll just let them stack.

10th March 2010, 17:56
This also raises the question regarding how you care for them when they're off...

do you make sure to maintain the stacks when you're not wearing them?
ala exhibit a:

or do you not worry about disrupting/altering the stacks & creases and just fold or hang them?

12th March 2010, 00:29
i just make sure they are under my tongue everytime i leave my house,
then its always consistant

12th March 2010, 00:41
i just make sure they are under my tongue everytime i leave my house,
then its always consistant

does it turn your mouth blue?

12th March 2010, 06:48
does it turn your mouth blue?

Haha, i'm gonna start calling the opening of sneakers the mouth.

12th March 2010, 07:51
Haha, i'm gonna start calling the opening of sneakers the mouth.

It was a cheap shot.... But I had to take it. Haha.

16th March 2010, 18:11
I tend to adjust at first, sometimes i don't if i tucked in nicely.
Oh well they will get rebellious despite adjusting. So i would just walk naturally and neglect them at times.


28th March 2010, 08:56
I'm like Rodin on a maw****uh.

2nd April 2010, 19:06
I don't cuff, and I don't adjust my stacks at all. The one thing I do adjust is the hem, especially if it accidentally gets tucked inside my shoe.

3rd April 2010, 01:17
I guess dnim becomes a part of your own self, I'm sure you dont like to be told.

4th April 2010, 19:43
I guess dnim becomes a part of your own self, I'm sure you dont like to be told.
but well, feedbacks and comments are very much appreciated.
In addition , i think you can improve from there

7th April 2010, 22:14
Sometimes I stack, but i mostly cuff. I adjust my stacks because they tend to in someway get behind the heel of the shoes and look like flares. I dont knwo if that makes any sense.

8th April 2010, 12:33
Don't really like stack-y look, so I cuff too, or let them go 'au naturale'

8th April 2010, 13:00
I'm all double-cuff, no stack 8-)

8th April 2010, 13:19
cuffs only for me --> show the selvage!

8th April 2010, 15:36
kids stack, men cuff

8th April 2010, 16:00
kids stack, men cuff

I find that a striking remark, hits the nail on the head

13th April 2010, 06:58
I flip the bottoms up once (1/2 cuff?) and then I get a little bit of stacking. I don't like the look of stacked jeans but I think the imprints on a washed pair are awesome. Otherwise from the knee to the hem is too dark and plain in contrast to worn thighs/crotch, and it seems out of place.

I wear APCs and I find that they don't stack that well since they're so stiff. They mostly just push the knee/honeycomb area above my knee. I think it might work better after a first soak/wash.

14th April 2010, 18:24
I just push them from the calf downward and let them do their thing.

Cold Summer
27th April 2010, 19:36
34-length jeans are just barely long enough for me, so there's not a lot of stacking going on. Personally I find the best look to be jeans that are the right length, super long with stacking seems pretty odd-looking to me.

20th May 2010, 06:18
im planning on getting a thin finn but i cant decide wether i should get a lenght 32 or 34? im 5'8-5-9.
thanks. although i wished they made a 33 inseam haha