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25th September 2004, 18:20
I am a big fan of Dutch beer and since there are so many members here from NL I thought I'd ask you a question.

In the market here you can buy a cheap Dutch beer called "Peter's Brand"

It says that it's brewed by Union Export Brewery in Breda, Holland.

Is this beer sold in Holland or is it just for export?


15th December 2004, 18:09
Hey batman,
Dutch beer suck ! (sorry for dutchers !) did you ever try belgium beer its certainly the best one !
And you have lot of them and every one is different !



15th December 2004, 18:48
Of course I like Belgian beer. It is awesome! Those monks sure know how to brew good beer. But I can't drink Belgian beer often because it is expensive here in the US and it is also strong so I can't drink much of it.


But for a good everyday beer I still stick with the Dutch.


15th December 2004, 23:28
I don't know the beer"Peters Brand",but there are a lot special beers for the foreign markets produced.
The best known dutch ,here sold,are "Heineken"," Amstel"en"Grolsch" but a lot of brands come from the same compagnie.
They are not that strong and more for heavy drinkers. The belgian beers are more special and have more alcohol.

15th December 2004, 23:39
Yes, Grolsch sure is tasty. When I lived in Sweden some good years ago there was a special summer Grolsch sold at my favorite night club. Forgot what it was called but it was very refreshing.

21st December 2004, 11:08
yo batman

i live in breda, and no you wont find that beer here, its bottled in breda by the brewery of Oranjeboom & Dommelsch. Its just for the export market and a much lower quality beer then other dutch beers. I would say try other dutch beers!


17th January 2005, 19:13
Your right, HOLLAND BEER is the best!! :lol: :lol:

Dommelsch and Bavaria we like and the big brands! Heineken and more..

Belgium is good to, ones in a while!

And the heavy special beer Duvel from Belgium!