View Full Version : Thin Finn make a good pair of womens jeans?

3rd November 2009, 19:18
http://cgi.ebay.com/NWT-Nudie-Jeans-Raw-Thin-Finn-in-Dry-Comfort-220-25w_W0QQitemZ310179270272QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUS_CSA _MC_Jeans?hash=item4838200e80

i was browsing ebay and came across this seller. I was thinking to buy a matching pair for me and my girl. How well do thin finn's fit women?

Also, my g/f is 110lbs and pretty petite, what waist size would probably work best (she is a 25-26w in diesel).

I really want to get her some nudies!


4th November 2009, 05:11
tlj would fit ur girl the best. the thin finn are more suitable for guys, with the low yoke to sag their jeans.

tlj has the navy rinised as well, which is a similar colour to the finns u linked on. there's a thread on girls wearing nudies under the nudie jeans section. do take a look there, it will def be able to justify the choice of jeans for ur girl. :D

4th November 2009, 05:14
hit up the 'nudies on a girl' thread... ESVB (i think) rocks finns and they look awesome on her

4th November 2009, 14:59
i think for a girl you really need to try them on first. i've thought most finns have looked pretty average-terrible on girls until ESVB's fit which was damn good.

18th February 2010, 16:51
I am a girl and I wear finns. They look great on me. I will get someone to take a pic of me in them if you want to see!

21st February 2010, 08:15
I like TLJ on girls if they want a skinny leg pair of jeans.

Mrs Efron aka Vanessa Hudghens shows how it can be done.