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  1. Sleeping in them
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  3. Keep 'em raw or not?
  4. shrinkage with cotton
  5. Stonewashing
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  7. Wearing them ripped
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  9. Soaking
  10. does dry denim EVER stop stretching?
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  16. Rivet Problem
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  19. EVEN FADING**** need tips
  20. sea wash\ whats the best kind of wash
  21. alteration/hem issues
  22. Oil
  23. Making natural indigo dye vat from Indigo leaves
  24. stains from foods
  25. Where to find a good tailor in Singapore?
  26. tapering nudie jeans
  27. saltwater-starch
  28. shrinking
  29. Rain on denim?
  30. How to keep wearing this jeans
  31. Super crotch blow out problem
  32. Ladder patterns
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